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This Could Be Heaven Or It Could Be Corona

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Prisoners in a jail (not yet affected) are arguably the safest from a corona perspective right now. They must think about the rest of us and be like “grass is not greener”! The ones who got released from jail on the day of the stay at home order are serving this unexpected virtual sentence outside the jail. Laws of society have nothing on the laws of karma. Karmic testing is a constant. Our reality is always changing, are we?

When the time of corona comes to an end, as all times do, good and bad, will we go back to our old ways or would we have taken some lessons forward with us? How lasting will these lessons be? We have learnt the value of our resources- food, healthcare, gas, police, fireman, community, to name a few. We have realized that we always, always can share what we have.

Will we always maintain a respectable distance from each other? Will we keep a disrespectful distance from other races? Or will we finally recognize that we have become a global society: no one is more than two contacts removed from a global citizen in a real or virtual world. Can we use this to our advantage and growth as good humans, citizens of a civilized society and an advanced country? Will we listen more and react less or will power still mean reacting and overreacting to perceived triggers?

Are we cherishing the joys of just being a parent and nothing else? Are we learning that multitasking is not a necessity anymore and so does not have to be a way of life? Are we embracing the infinite joy of just “being” with our children or our pets or ourselves and our hobbies? Will we learn to slow down and allow ourselves these joys in some measure post-corona?

I hope we are taking valuable lessons from the current situation. We are all serving our time on earth, it’s not a jail but we live in our mind so the more you expand your thinking, the bigger your world, even when you are at home.


Dr. Mahima Singh

Ms. Pennsylvania 2019.

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